Windmill Villas

Artemonas, Sifnos




Windmill Villas


Windmill Villas ARTEMONAS - SIFNOS

Windmill Villas is a fascinating complex of residences, built around an old windmill, which is known to the locals as “Spithas’ Windmill”.

According to the marble plate, which is set over its main entrance, it was built in 1854 and it is the biggest of all the windmills of Sifnos (there were 60 on the island).

The building has been listed by the Greek state, and has been completely renovated in 1989. Ever since, it operated as a lodging to let, formed in such a way that, at any time, it can still operate as a windmill, once it has its windmill sails back on.

The windmill was named after its owner, Mr. Kostas Spithas, who will welcome you with his wife Rita, and they will both make your stay in Sifnos unforgettable.

Windmill Villas is situated in the village “Artemonas”, and it consists of the traditional windmill and of seven more lodgings that are built next to it, harmonically incorporated into the environment. All the lodgings have a view of the village of Kastro, of the islands Paros and Antiparos, while you can also see the islands of Folegandros and Sikinos.

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